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Welsh Home Pony

Wednesday 24th - Sunday 28th July, 2024

Stables Prices

Permanents - £112

Stallions - £112

Temporaries - £112

VIP Stables - £240 plus hospitality

Premier Parking - £119.50

Pony Classes

  • Pony Foxhunter 2nd Round

  • Blue Chip Pony Newcomers 2nd Round

  • 128cms Horse of the Year Show Qualifier

  • 138cms Horse of the Year Show Qualifier

  • Pony Show Jumper of the Year Qualifier

  • 148cms Restricted Final (Wednesday 24th July)

  • Children on Horses every day

  • Young Riders 1.05 and 1.15m

  • Classes for 128cms & 138cms ponies every day

  • 1.10m Derby in the Equine America Arena for £150

  • Pony 1.20m on every day

  • Pony Opens from 75cms - 1.20m

  • Mini Champs Under 11’s 70cms Class everyday with a Baseball Cap to all double clears

  • 10 & Under and 148cms Debut Teams 

  • and of course the... 
    Welsh Home Pony Team Jumping!

Entries Close:
Wednesday 3rd July

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